Meet The Thern Team – Nicola Di Sante

Thern would like to introduce Nicola Di Sante, our Sales Manager in Southern Europe. As a newer addition to the team, he’s worked hard over the last 4 months to get acclimated to the company. Depending on the week, he travels to visit customers and distributors to ensure satisfaction across Europe. He also spends time answering emails, writing proposals, and solving technical situations for customers.

Nicola enjoys Thern for various reasons. He saw the opportunity to grow our brand name in Europe. He strives to take our European market to new heights. When asked what Thern means to him, he stated that Thern is a family company, with amazing culture. The company takes care of their employees and he’s thankful to be part of that. He feels that all employees are passionate about what they do, which makes working together as a team so much easier. An interesting fact about Nicola is he was a swimmer for 15 years. Then, he started practicing martial arts where he is a brown belt in KUK SOOL WON and TAEKWONDO. Additionally, he boxed and practiced MMA for 5 years.

Nicola has done it all from participating in martial arts, to traveling Europe to support Thern’s efforts in expanding in the European market. He has worked hard in a short amount of time, and Thern can’t wait to see what he can do in the future. His go-getter personality, and his willingness to lend a hand anywhere is a huge asset to the company. We are thankful to have Nicola as part of the Thern Family.

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