Power Winches

PortableModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Liberty Capstan Winches3CPPDF2 MBA21392-E-1122
Worm Gear 3WG4 Series3WG4PDF3.8 MBA10513-E1118
Helical/Worm Gear 477 Series477PDF971 KBA5445J-0917
Worm Gear 4WP2 / 4WP2T Series4WP2 / 4WP2TPDF2.0 MBA7318-H-1122
Helical/Parallel, Helical/Worm, Helical/Bevel Gear4HPF / 4HWF / 4HBP / 4HBNPDF460 KBA7944D-0621
Worm Gear Power 4WP2D Series4WP2DPDF873 KBA8328D-0114
Crane Limit Switch Supplement5PxLSPDF801 KBA20484-C-0920
Heavy Duty - Up to 6,500 lbsModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Worm/Spur and Helical/Spur Gear4WS / 4HSPDF1.5 MBA6322H-0117
Heavy Duty - Up to 76,000 lbsModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Worm/Spur and Helical/Spur Gear4WS / 4HSPDF2.1 MBA6322H-0117
Helical/Parallel, Helical/Worm, Helical/Bevel Gear4HPF / 4HWF / 4HBP / 4HBNPDF460 KBA7944D-0621
Electric ControlsModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Wireless Control Radio KitA28737PDF260 KBA28995-0621

Davit Cranes

PortableModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
First Mate Series5PF5PDF2 MBA14473-C-0423
Roll Base for Davit Crane5BR5PDF5 MBA14507-0322
Commander Series5PT5, 5PT10, 5PT20 (C)PDF3 MBA12376-K-0223
Rescue-Rated Series5PT10R, 5PT20RPDF1.1 MBA30470-0222
A12376 Important Supplement5PT10 / 5PT20PDF342 KB
Ensign Series5PA5 / 5PA10PDF2.7 MBA11577I-0617
Cable Wind-Up SpoolRW50PDF1.1 MBA8104D-0716
Supplemental Instructions for 5PA5LCK and 5PF5LCK Series Rotation Lock5PA5LCK / 5PF5LCKPDF722 KBA22283A-0518
Supplemental Instructions for 5PT10BRG and 5PT20BRG Series Rotation Bearing and Lock5PT10BRG / 5PT20BRGPDF671 KBA13821A-0518
TransportableModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Admiral Series5PT30PDF2.4 MBA9699H-0322
StationaryModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Captain 2000 & 2500 Series5FT20 / 5FT25PDF1 MBA25317-E-0223
Captain 4000 Series5FT40PDF595 KBA27607-A-1120

Big Red Air Winches

TA SeriesModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Planetary Gear Air WinchTA10PDF4.6 MBA9903C-0514
TA Series Planetary Gear Non-RiderTA2 / TA2.5 / TA5 / TA7PDF4.9 MBA8344E-0514
MTA Mini Tugger SeriesMTA1000 / MTA2000 Cycloidal GearPDF2.3 MBA12984-0814
TAC Series Planetary Gear Air WinchTACPDF6.4 MBA12192B-0316

Hand Winches

Spur GearModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Direct Drive Reel Winch for Pulling OnlyM401PDF551 KBA5349E-0114
Spur Gear M452 / M492 SeriesM452 / M492PDF1.9 KBA5360H-0516
Spur Gear LineM4022 / M4032 / M4042 / M4312 / M4412PDF2 MBA8097-I-0321
Hand-Operated Disc BrakesMB441 / MB451 / MB491PDF966 KBA6191D-1015
Cable Wind-up SpoolRW50PDF1.1 MBA8104D-0716
Worm GearModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Worm Gear Line462 / 4622 / 472 / 4722 / 482PDF3.1 MBA6112J-0117
Worm Gear 4WM2 Series4WM2PDF2.4 MBA7535H-1115
Worm Gear 2W40 Series2W40PDF2.3 MBA10777-C1218
Worm Gear 465 Series465PDF844 KBA5368-F0218


ItemModelFile FormatFile SizeForm No.
Vertical Lead BlockVLB-G25, VLB-G31, VLB-G38, VLB-G44, VLB-G50PDF988 KBA23621-A-0819
Cable Wind-Up SpoolRW50PDF1.1 MBA8104D-0716
Roll Base for Davit Cranes510R / 524RPDF1.5 MBA8489C-0316
Hitch-Mounted Crane Base5BH5PDF1.6 MBA28390-A-0921
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