DJ Machinery B25 Recovery

Thern Air Tugger Helps in B-25 Plane Recovery

“I cannot tell you how pleased Jon and I were with the Air Tugger. It performed to a tee! With the 4-part line, we were able to barely crack the valve and the plane would begin to move. The massive brake band makes you feel really good, especially after we got the plane to the surface.

We installed safety cables in case of a problem while we transported the plane under water for about 4 and a half hours. The winch held the load with no problem and the safety cables never came into play.

Once we were in shallow water, we had to put divers down to make sure we were as close to the bottom of the barge as possible without coming in contact with it. This would allow us to get in range of the crane on shore to transfer the load. We were able to get the plane within two inches of the bottom of the barge, and that is pretty darn good in the water.

We would like to say thanks for the help and keep up the good work. The History Channel filmed the recovery for an upcoming episode of Mega Movers television show for the Discovery Network. We will keep you posted of the time it will air.”

Darrell Harbour
Jon Prosser
Vice President
D&J Machinery and Rigging LLC
Lexington, SC

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