Conexus Art Centre

Stage Fly System

The Conexus Arts Centre needed a replacement stage fly system. Thern provided a superior, custom solution to meet the needs of the project.

Stage Fly System | Designed & Custom Built for Conexus Art Centre

“In August of 2011, the Conexus Arts Centre identified issues with the stage fly system which we felt needed to be addressed. It was decided that the best approach would be to have a consultant conduct an evaluation of the entire system. Jay Glerum was contracted to complete the inspection and provide a report on the overall condition of the Centre’s fly system. Jay’s report concluded that an entire fly system replacement was necessary.

With Jay’s assistance, specifications were drawn up and the tender process was initiated which resulted in a number of proposals from interested companies. After reviewing the proposals, we felt that Thern’s BRICKHOUSE System best suited our needs and the project was awarded.

It was determined that the only window available for the removal and installation of a new system was going to be the month of July, 2012. At this point, there were only approximately three months remaining for the equipment to be manufactured, assembled, shipped and ready for installation.

Discussions with Thern, Jay Glerum and the Centre raised major concerns regarding the limited time available to manufacture and deliver the equipment. Another major concern was the short amount of time available for removal of the old system and the installation of the new one. We were at a point where we thought that the project needed to be postponed until a later time frame as it appeared that the existing plan had little chance of success.

Michael Kunz from Thern became heavily involved at this point and devised a detailed time line outlining the scope of work, labour requirements and time allotments for each aspect of the project. Michael assured us that he could make this plan work and have the project completed on time. Part of Michael’s plan was to come to Regina and personally supervise the removal of the existing fly system; which according to the agreement, was the responsibility of the Conexus Arts Centre. Michael came to Regina and assembled a local team — some of the best stage technicians and riggers in the business — to complete the project.

Through Michael’s incredible knowledge, organizational skills and ability to manage people, the project ran smoothly from start to finish. The final inspection, which included Michael Kunz and the team from Thern, as well as Jay Glerum, was conducted on time and resulted in a few minor adjustments needing to be made to the system.

I would highly recommend Thern and their team. We found them to be very professional and their products to be of very high quality in every respect. In short, we are extremely pleased with the process in completing this project with the final result.” – Jim McCrum, Executive Director | Conexus Arts Centre

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