Cart Pulling Winches

Take the hassle out of sludge carts and trash hoppers with reliable cart positioning winches. Thern’s closed-loop positioning systems facilitate short or long distances and provide accurate cart positioning between load-out chutes.

Hopper Cart Pulling Winch | Custom Built for Water & Wastewater Plant Operations

Winches need to pull a hopper cart into position below a chute and then move it back and forth as the car is filled with waste materials. A 3,100-pound line pull was required and up to 120 ft travel distance. One winch will be used as the retrieval winch to pull the car into position and then winches will be attached to either side of the car for back and forth movement. One winch was supplied with a longer drum to be used as the retrieval winch with a greater cable capacity.

Both winches equipped with manual clutches to allow for free spooling of the cable to load for attachment. Special epoxy paint finish supplied to customer’s specifications. Control package allowed for both winches to be operated simultaneously with pay out/in capabilities.

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