Rail Car & Cart Pulling Winches

Thern’s fully customizable electric winches provide powerful operation for positioning railcars at loading terminals, rail yards, and sidetracks.

Rail Car & Cart Pulling Winch | Custom Built for a Pumice Mine

In the southeast corner of Idaho sits the tiny town of Malad City, a community placed on the world’s purest deposit of white pumice.

Being the world’s largest pumice supplier means there is an enormous volume of material to move out of its facility every day. Like many bulk operations, rail is the primary method for transporting countless tons of material. Railcars are constantly being positioned, filled and rolled out from the loading facility.

Thern outfitted the mining operation with a pair of 4HS16MC electric winches to help accurately position the cars during the loading process. The winches provided heavy-duty power, capable of moving multiple, fully-loaded railcars at a time. Used in this capacity, a winch system helps provide a more manageable means for positioning railcars during loading, simplifying the process, saving time and money.

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