Tensioning & Conveyor Take-Up Winches

Ideal for continuous tension and take-up adjustment, electric conveyor winches can provide powerful and economical solutions in a single winch package.

Conveyor Winches | Custom Built for a Copper & Gold Mine

Thern provided 15 Maintenance and Counterweight take-up Hydraulic Winches for a copper and gold mine in Northern Peru.

We used our 4HPF series winch as the base model then customized the 20M, 25M, 40M, 70M and 80M’s to meet the project’s needs. Production at the mine is slated to have an average annual output of 580,000 to 680,000 ounces of gold and 155 million to 235 million pounds of copper during its first five years.

Conveyor Tensioner Lifting Winch | Custom Built for Peru Mining Project

Thern provided a conveyor tensioner lifting winch for one of the world’s largest copper mines in Las Bambas, Peru. Each of two new overland conveyors at the Las Bambas copper mine will be approximately 2.5 kilometers long and transport ore from the mine to the processing plant. The belts will be 1,830 millimeters wide, travel at 6.5 meters per second, and are designed to transport approximately 9,400 metric tons of material per hour.

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