Special Purpose Winches

Unique applications require unique solutions. Thern can provide customized winches that satisfy all manner of needs including increased drum capacity, mounting orientation, multiple-line lifts, custom controls and much more.

Concrete Slab Positioning Winches | Custom Built for Highlands of Lombard

The job at Highlands of Lombard required Area Erectors to place 500 concrete slabs weighing 7,500 lbs. each for the balconies of the apartment building. The weight of the slabs along with the added weight of the 1,000 lb. jig used to cantilever the slabs into place required the use of a winch powerful enough to handle the weight. Area Erectors purchased a Thern M492B spur gear hand winch to use for pitch control and used it in conjunction with a Thern 482B worm gear hand winch to adjust the roll while cantilevering each of the slabs into place. They also purchased a higher capacity wire rope to fit into the winch that allowed them the appropriate weight capacity for the line pull.

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