Elevator Installation Hoists

Non-standard lift heights are a common consideration for lift and elevator installations. Thern electric winches can combine lifting power with larger drums and specialized control packages to accommodate large capacity lifts at greater heights with precision.

Elevator Installation Hoist | Custom Built for One World Trade Center

In New York City, a big job takes big responsibility and Thern is no stranger to the big stage. That is why a major industrial elevator company selected Thern to build a winch that would handle the toughest job. The special 4HPF25M power winch was used at One World Trade Center Tower 1 construction site to lift materials for elevator installation and positioning during the tower’s construction. The customer had a list of special requirements, all of which Thern addressed with a customized winch. Chief among its design features are an increased wire rope capacity to facilitate non- standard lift heights, high line speed, and a sophisticated variable speed control package mounted on the unit. Additionally, the winch needed to meet certain size restrictions and be fully transportable using a pallet jack. Thern’s winch was used to lift elevator guide rails on to designated floors for storage and easy accessibility, at which point the winch was then used to maneuver the seventeen 21,000 lb rails into place for in-stallment as well as the 9,000 lb cables’. After all guide rails were installed, Therns’ winch was used to lift and install the 50,000 lb elevator cars. Slated for completion in 2014, Tower 1 will rise to a total height of 1,776 feet with spire – The height of 1,776 was chosen to signify the year the United States declared its independence.

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