Cable Stay Winches

Cable stays are vital to supporting the weight of some of the largest structures during construction. High capacity power winches from Thern supply the necessary power to hold and move those cables during repositioning, ensuring that you have maximum load control through every step of the process.

Even the biggest jobs are manageable with the right winch. A custom-built power winch can conveniently and efficiently adjust stacker payout angles and provide reliable, long-lasting service, eliminating downtime and reducing costs.

Cable Stay Winch | Custom Built for Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Thern supplied Six Thern 4HS26M electric winches with 26,000 pound load capacity and 15,000 pound line pull.

Obayashi/PSM Jv., the contractor for the project, worked directly with Thern, Inc. to obtain the powerful electric winches used to position the cable stays during each placement. During placement of the cable stay, the winch system counteracted forces in excess of 16,000 pounds. The Thern winches provided Obayashi with the required force and control to lift the stays and position them as each arch segment was advanced.

The bridge is nearly 2,000 feet long spanning the Colorado River canyon.

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