Worm Gear Serie

Capacidad de hasta 2000 libras

Cuando necesita levantar, bajar o colocar una carga pesada, los cabrestantes manuales con engranaje helicoidal de Thern están diseñados para ofrecer un rendimiento excelente y una larga vida útil, sin importar cuál sea su aplicación.

Hechos rápidos

  • Capacidad de hasta 907 kg (2000 lb)
  • Engranajes helicoidales cortados a máquina
  • Modelos de freno automático
  • Opciones de montaje
  • Resistente a la corrosión
  • Garantía limitada de dos años

Modelos de serie

  • 465
  • 462
  • 4622PB
  • 472
  • 4WM2

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Worm Gear Series — Modelo 465 & 4WM2.

For accurate and long lasting service.

Provides continuous lubrication of gears to minimize wear (except on Model 465). On Model 4WM2, oil seals keep oil in and dirt out.

Hex drive and handle are included. Model 4WM2 can be power driven with a maximum 300 rpm drill-motor.

Provide positive load control for lifting. Brake models have a PB or B suffix. Model 4WM2 features an internal mechanical brake.

Durable paint finish protects against corrosion in harsh environments.

On most models for smooth operation.

Minimize wear to extend wire rope life.

Handles adjust in length to change force required to move the load.

Include floor, wall, or ceiling mounting. Adapter plate may be required. Contact factory.

Industry-leading two-year limited warranty on all our products.

The Redline Series is used to change the direction of the rope, so the winch can be mounted in a convenient location and the Redline Lead Block will control the path of the rope to avoid obstacles, reduce hazard, and improve rope wear. Vertical Lead Block Series

Galvanized or stainless steel wire rope assemblies, available in various lengths. Visit our Rope and Rigging product page for more information.

For automated drill-drive operation up to 400 rpm, Model 4WM2 only.

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