Rescue-Rated Serie

Manteniendo los mismos beneficios de calidad y manejo de materiales que la serie Commander® original, las grúas de la serie Rescue-Rated ahora están disponibles en nuevas configuraciones que extienden su rendimiento superior al ámbito del rescate de personal.

Hechos rápidos

  • Capacidades de carga de hasta 2000 lbs (905 kg)
  • Robusto y asequible
  • Manual de operación
  • Gira 360º
  • Portátil
  • Montaje/desmontaje sin herramientas
  • 5 acabados resistentes a la corrosión
  • Variedad de bases
  • Garantía estándar de 2 años

Modelos de serie

  • 5PT10R-M2R
  • 5PT10RS-M2R
  • 5PT10RS-M2RX
  • 5PT20R-M2R
  • 5PT20RS-M2R
  • 5PT20RS-M2RX

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Rescue-Rated Series — Grúa modelo 5PT20R-M2R.

Crane boom, mast and base fabricated from heavy duty welded constructed structural steel pipe and tubing that limits deflection and meets ASTM standards.

Boom extends to four positions with quick-release pin and adjusts angle with ratchet.

Thern davit cranes can be configured with a manual winch for short, infrequent lifts or a power winch for longer lifts or heavier loads. Choose from Thern’s spur or worm gear hand winches or power winches with 115/1/60V as well as pneumatic, hydraulic or DC Volt power operation.

Electrostatic powder coated crane and stainless steel fasteners combine to resist corrosion in harsh environments. Other options available include: galvanized, stainless steel and epoxy finishes.

Quick-release clevis style stainless steel pins allow for easy assembly and quick disassembly for transport or storage. No tools required.

Boom and mast rotate on tapered roller bearing and needle bearings for smooth 360° rotation. Outer mast locks in one of twelve positions at 30° increments with locking pin. Rotational handle located on outer mast for easy rotation.

Pedestal, flush and wall mount bases allow for a variety of mounting solutions and are easily installed to a variety of solid surfaces with anchor bolts or other fastening methods. Bases sold separately. Base cap included with lanyard keeps water and debris out of base when crane is removed.

Industry-leading two-year limited warranty on all our products. Learn more or register your products here.

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