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These cranes are the perfect portable options for longer lift applications. You receive the flexibility of either manual or electric power along with the convenience of quickly deploying and moving cranes between different locations.

HVAC & Maintenance Utility Cranes

A Thern Captain Series modified davit crane is mounted on the roof of a four story building to raise and lower HVAC components and maintenance equipment. The crane is coated with an epoxy finish to provide superior corrosion resistance. The crane is rated for lifting up to 500 lbs. at all boom positions. A Thern 477 Series electric winch is used to raise and lower loads. The crane provides enough horizontal reach to clear the edge of the building and enough vertical height to lift large loads over the curb along the edge of the roof. Thern winches can be modified to accomodate lifts over 200 ft. below floor level. Thern Utility and Maintenance cranes are used in a variety of applications to lift heavy equipment, tools and supplies to roof tops, towers, silos and more.

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