5PT30 Admiral® 3000 Serie

Il meglio di tutti i mondi, in grado di gestire carichi di grandi dimensioni fino a 1,5 tonnellate e può ancora essere smontato per il trasferimento.

I fatti in breve

  • Capacità di carico fino a 3.000 libbre (1.360 kg)
  • Manuale con funzionamento elettrico, idraulico o pneumatico
  • Ruota di 360º
  • Ancoraggio a sgancio rapido
  • Disponibile in 5 finiture
  • Garanzia standard di 2 anni

Modelli di serie

  • 5PT30-M1

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Admiral 3000 — Gru modello 5PT30J con martinetto a vite, argano manuale con ingranaggio cilindrico M452B-K e base a piedistallo 5BP30.

Crane boom, mast and base fabricated from heavy-duty welded constructed structural steel pipe and tubing that limits deflection and meets ASTM standards.

Thern davit cranes can be configured with a spur gear manual winch or power winch. Choose from Thern’s manual winch or power winch with 115/1/60 as standard. Other voltages available as well as pneumatic, hydraulic or DC Volt power operation.

Red enamel finish on crane and stainless steel fasteners combine to resist corrosion in harsh environments. Other options available include: galvanized and epoxy finishes.

Quick-release clevis style stainless steel pins allow for easy assembly and quick disassembly for transport or storage. No tools required.

Boom and mast rotate on tapered roller bearing and needle bearings for smooth 360° rotation. Outer mast locks in one of twelve positions at 30° increments with locking pin. Rotational handle located on outer mast for easy rotation.

Pedestal, flush and wall mount bases allow for a variety of mounting solutions and are easily installed. Standard red enamel finish on pedestal, flush and wall mounts. Other finish options available including galvanized and epoxy finishes.

Industry-leading two-year limited warranty on all our products.

Keeps cable taut when no load is attached. Attach to cable.

  • HB10-25-38 – Red Enamel Steel, fits 1/4 to 3/8 inch wire rope. Approx. ship weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg).
  • HB10S-25-38 – 316 Stainless Steel, fits 1/4 to 3/8 inch wire rope. Approx. ship weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg).
  • HB10S-44-55 – 316 Stainless Steel, fits 7/16 to 1/2 inch wire rope. Approx. ship weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg).

Upon request, Thern can test your crane prior to shipping, up to 125% of rated load. Contact factory for pricing and availability prior to order.

Extend our standard 2-year warranty to 5 years. Contact factory for pricing and availability prior to order.

Available upon request at time of order. Contact factory for pricing and availability prior to order.

CE and ATEX certifications available.

Special configurations for use in explosive settings available. Contact factory for pricing and availability prior to order.

AC electric in any voltage. DC electric, hydraulic and pneumatic power winches available.

Thern can build the high quality controls you need to operate your equipment.

Add an emergency safety shut-off to ensure safe operation.

Customization is available for almost all Thern products and should always be performed by our engineers to assure the changes meet our stringent quality standards. Below are some of our more common customization requests. Only factory modifications are covered under warranty.

  • Longer Lift Distances Customized winch and crane configurations to accommodate longer lifts.
  • Custom Colors & Finishes Custom colors and finishes are available to match your unique application.
  • Extended Boom and Masts Thern can extend mast heights and boom lengths to fit your needs.
  • Special Bases Custom bases or mounting requirements can be manufactured to meet your unique situation.

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