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Get ‘built-to-order’ winches fast!

WINONA, MN (April 29, 2016) — If you need a powerful winch that can handle loads up to 6400 lbs (2900 kg) and you need it fast . . . you’re in luck. Thern, Inc. has dramatically improved the lead time on their popular line of 4WS Series electric power winches. For years, Thern has applied lean principles to eliminate waste and drive continuous improvement. Thern recently overhauled their 4WS Series production cells to streamline the fabrication and final assembly processes. The result is that standard production lead times have been cut in half. Thern is now able to ship their broad range of standard 4WS Series winch configurations in 5 to 10 days after receipt of order.4WS3M10

The 4WS Series power winches feature dual stage gear reduction for economical handling of large loads, making them ideal for jobs requiring secure load control and accurate positioning. Typical applications include positioning load out chutes at grain terminals, pulling carts in wastewater treatment plants, lifting heavy equipment in construction projects, and positioning heavy machinery in manufacturing operations. In all of these industries, profitability depends on being able to turn on new equipment quickly. Shorter lead times mean customers receive their winches sooner, and can shorten the time line from placing an order to receiving the equipment.

Thern 4WS Series winches also feature a modular design that allows them to be easily modified to meet different customer requirements. Winches are used in a wide range of pulling, lifting and positioning applications, and the new improved processes at Thern allow them to deliver built to order winches at low cost and in quick time frames.

For more information on the complete line, visit our 4WS Series Power Winches page.

About Thern

Thern, Inc. is a family-owned winch and crane manufacturer based in the Midwest. With a history spanning over 68 years, this little Midwest company has provided amazing solutions to some very BIG projects all over the world. From building the winch that lowers the Time’s Square Ball every New Year’s Eve, Thern products also played a part in the newly completed One World Trade Center; the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge; the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Pad; the world’s largest solar array project Ivanpah, located in the Mojave Desert; the world’s first stadium reduction system at BC Place in Vancouver; and the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the High Roller, recently completed in Las Vegas, NV.