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Thern’s Winches in Waterfront Operations

The Mosaic Company, founded in 2004 by a merger of IMC Global and Cargill’s crop nutrition division, is the largest producer of Potash and phosphate in the United States. The Mosaic Company, located in Tampa Bay, Florida, helps the world grow the food it needs by mining and manufacturing potash and phosphate, used for fertilizer. They take great pride in developing high-quality performance products that help growers succeed.

Thern is an integral part of their operation. With help from Epperson, Thern’s power winches have been installed at the Tampa Bay Marine Terminal to position ocean-going barges that are loaded with phosphate materials, to be shipped worldwide. These winches came with the clutch option, that allows for free-spooling of the wire rope for rigging purposes. Custom fabricated drip pans were installed underneath the gearboxes, as one drop of oil can result in negative impacts for both the company and the environment.

The Operations/Safety Supervisor at Mosaic Company was very impressed at how Thern and Epperson were able to work together, without previously working together, to complete the project.

As far as functionality, The Mosaic Company states that the winches installed have exceeded expectations and that they will continue to use Thern products. Stephen Williams, from The Mosaic Company, said: “I highly recommend any and all waterfront operations to consider the use of Thern Winches when replacements are needed.”

The Mosaic company is very proud of their operation and are very pleased with how Thern’s winch system is operating. Do you have a complex problem and are looking for an intensive solution? Contact Thern today!