Sky’s the Limit: Rooftop Solutions for HVAC Equipment

Thern’s Davit Cranes have been lining the sky line in Toronto, Canada thanks to C & C Cranes and owner Kevin Carey. C & C made the purchase through Equipment Corps., who is a respected Thern distributor serving Toronto and surrounding regions. These Davit Cranes that are commonly used at water treatment facilities are being used as a rooftop solution for lifting air exchanger units and other HVAC equipment lifts onto buildings 15 stories or less. In the past contractors had to use mobile cranes, often resulting in high cost, road closures, and more crew members to get the job done. With Thern’s Davit Cranes they are able to place the crane on the top of the building to lift the units. This has cut cost significantly for the project and allowed for easy setup and tear down.

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