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Meet The Thern Team – Wes Domine


Meet Wes!


Wes Domine has been an integral part of Thern’s team for 10 years and counting. Wes, our Sales Application Engineer, enjoys working directly with our customers, solving their needs by offering the best product solution at the greatest cost benefit to them. What keeps Wes enthusiastic about his career at Thern is the positive work environment, great employees, and high-quality products Thern possesses.

His knack for helping others stems beyond high-quality cranes and winches. Wes, a nature enthusiast, supports efforts in conservation, such as preserving and restoring native prairies and Driftless Area trout systems. His support and contribution to conservation has landed him the title and position of the President of the Buffalo County Conservation Alliance. Not only does he serve as the President, but he was also elected county delegate to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

When Wes is not at work or protecting Wisconsin’s natural habitats, he is at home with his family. Wes and his wife of 30 years, Karen, have four boys together. When asked what piece of advice Wes has to share, he gave this quote, “When you’re riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then and make sure it’s still there.”- Will Rogers. Wes has taken this quote to heart and applied it to his everyday life, as his four boys are now following in their father’s footsteps, all pursuing careers in engineering.

Thank you, Wes, for all your hard work and dedication to Thern!