Meet The Thern Team – Tyler Litscher

Meet the Team Tyler Litscher

Meet Tyler!

Meet the Team Tyler Litscher

Tyler Litscher is a Mechanical Designer that loves to work as part of a team to complete any project, big or small. He has been an incredible asset to Thern for the last five years as part of our team. Tyler enjoys working at Thern due to people like him who follow the core value of doing the right thing every day.

When Tyler first started at Thern he was surprised at how far-reaching the small-town company is. Before starting work at Thern, he hadn’t heard much about the company, other than the New Year’s ball drop winch and he is amazed by how much product is shipped around the world daily. Apart from his job at Thern, Tyler enjoys the outdoors. Anything that involves hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and golfing….he’s in! One of his favorite things to do is sit around a bonfire with his friends and family.

A piece of advice that Tyler has carried with him through his years is… “Our character is defined by what we do when we think no one is looking.” Thank you, Tyler for your hard work and involvement weaving the culture of doing the right thing as another strand in the Thern team. We are proud to have you!