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Meet The Thern Team – Travis Sonsalla

Please take a moment to meet Travis Sonsalla!

While Travis wears many hats here at Thern his official title is Controller. Travis will have worked at Thern for twenty-two years this May, starting as Controller, although by his third year at Thern, he was also leading the IT team. While other employees in the IT role have come and gone, Travis has continued to wear that hat in addition to his “real job” more often than not.

Despite the “logical” nature of his role, Travis has a great sense of humor, often evoking chuckles from his coworkers when they read his urgent IT related e-mails or hear him cracking a joke in the lobby during lunch. Another interesting fact about Travis is that he is a first-generation American, as at three years of age his mother moved to America with her six siblings, mother, and father.

One of the things that Travis enjoys most is the flexible work schedule that Thern allows, permitting him to spend time with his wife. He tells us he appreciates the ability to be able to go get something taken care of on short notice as long as he gets the work done. Travis describes Thern as being fair-minded, focused and forward-looking….like a rocket ship blasting off. He told us that if you are going to work here you better get on board or get off the launch pad!

Thank you Travis, for the last twenty-two years! We wouldn’t want to be on this rocket without you!