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Meet the Thern Team – Tim Anderson

Meet Tim!

Tim has been working with Thern for five years and is currently a Tech Salesperson. Before Tim transitioned into Sales he was a part of the Thern assembly team. Tim knew early-on that Thern was more than just an employer, and was the right place for him. He enjoys the atmosphere and the great colleagues he is surrounded by every day. What excites Tim the most about Thern is the company’s “vision to grow”, with growth comes jobs and new opportunities for both the company and employees. To Tim, Thern is one big family that strives for excellence, he finds it encouraging that every person works together to accomplish all that Thern does.

Working at Thern is energizing for Tim, he never knows what the next phone call or email will bring for an application. As a result of Thern’s impressive and wide variety of projects, each day brings something new. Tim is amazed by Thern’s impressive portfolio of projects, like the world-famous Time Square ball drop and is looking forward to putting his name on the next big project!

Tim describes himself as a small-town Wisconsinite who travels every day across the Mississippi River to get to work. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family, especially his two grandsons ages three and six. In the fall Tim enjoys deer hunting, and can’t wait for his grandsons to join him if they choose.

Thank you, Tim for everything you do we are happy you chose Thern and that it was the right fit for you.