Meet The Thern Team – Tedd Morgan

Nice to meet you!

Please take a moment to get to know our CEO, Tedd Morgan. Tedd’s official start date was September 29, 2000. His first paycheck from Thern, however, goes back to 1977 when he used to work part-time for the “family business” on weekends and during the summer months. Some of his first jobs included sweeping the floors and painting Winchoists by dipping the frames in five-gallon buckets of Hanson Silo Orange paint. Just like being at Thern for the long haul, Tedd regularly goes long-distance running and occasionally participates in marathons. Looking to the future, he would like to run the Chicago and New York marathons.

When we asked Tedd his favorite thing about Thern he responded by telling us, “There are lots of great things about Thern. We have great products, we have wonderful customers, and we have equipment that can do some amazing things with metal. My favorite thing about Thern, however, has to be the people. We have an incredible group of talented, hardworking, competent and conscientious people who make Thern a truly enjoyable place to work.”

Thern has incredible meaning to Tedd since Royal Thern, the company founder, was his grandfather. For Tedd, Thern stands for family as well as a thriving manufacturing business. Thern means fond memories and an inspiring future. Tedd, thank you for your years of dedication to this organization, we can’t wait to see where the future takes us!