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Meet The Thern Team – Tara Parnow

Meet Tara!

Meet Tara Parnow, a Supply Chain Manager that is committed to the challenge of taking Thern to the next level of business. Tara has been a key element to Thern’s team for the last 8 years and enjoys working with her colleagues, saying that she, “couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with.” During this exciting growth of the organization, Tara has very high praise for her colleagues and is very appreciative of her team members’ willingness to help where and whenever needed to ensure that company goals are met to continue to grow and sustain our business. She believes that without the dedicated group of employees Thern possesses, none of these goals would be attainable.

Tara has her fair share of challenges to face away from work. Her family owns a small hobby farm consisting of 20 egg laying hens, 2 guineas, 2 peacocks, 2 goats, 2 bunnies, and one large “puppy”, who offers a big enough challenge on his own. Cash, a 9 month old Mastiff puppy, weighing 140 pounds, is the only animal she claims to be responsible for.

Tara is thankful that Thern has offered her many opportunities to grow since being employed here and possesses a great sense of pride about the company. Conversely, Tara has offered Thern opportunities to grow as a company and we could not be more proud to have you!