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Meet The Thern Team – Stephanie Hemker

Please take a moment to meet Stephanie Hemker, Thern’s Human Resource Manager. Stephanie started as an HR assistant at Thern 12 years ago and served as an HR Generalist until she was promoted to HR Manager in May of 2018. Stephanie is originally from northeast Iowa, moving to Winona, MN after interviewing at Thern. Her favorite thing about Thern is that the owners really treat employees as their family. When an employee has a life event happen, Thern leadership is the first one to say “go and do what you need to for your family”. Stephanie says that it really puts one’s mind at ease knowing that when things come up, the company understands and is extremely accommodating.

When asked how Stephanie describes Thern she told us, it’s a combination of family, passion, and customer-focused employees. Family because she has always felt the family company atmosphere here at Thern. Stephanie said that shortly after she started at Thern she made an error on a paycheck…that check was for none other than Tedd Morgan (CEO). When she told him how sorry she was, it was to her relief he kindly said it was “okay” and that she would “learn from this.” Thern truly does support learning and growth for all members of the team creating an atmosphere that fosters success.

While there are many types of careers at Thern, Stephanie believes that each employee develops a special passion for their work, their job, and their time at Thern. It is this passion that ultimately allows Thern to design and manufacture World-Class products right here in Winona MN!

From her perspective, Stephanie says it’s our customer-focused employees that make sure our end-users and distributors are satisfied and feel their questions are answered. Even when business is booming and resources are stretched thin, everyone really pitches in to make sure things get things done while still managing to have fun in the process.

When Stephanie is not at work you will find her spending time with her kids, playing softball or volleyball, and practicing her special talent of car karaoke. 

Stephanie, Thern thanks you for your last ten years and can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next ten!