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Meet the Thern Team – Sam Michael

Meet the Thern Team - Sam Michael

Meet Sam Michael


Meet the Thern Team - Sam Michael

Thern would like to introduce Sam Michael!

Sam has been working on the Thern team as Manager of New Product Development for 13 years. His duties at Thern include researching new technologies and implementing those technologies into new and existing Thern products. Sam also works with team members in other departments. He ensures everyone is working towards the same goals in product development.

After graduating from Yale, Sam attended a trade show and visited Thern’s booth display and learned more about Thern, it’s products, and it’s people. Sam chose to visit Thern in Winona, Minnesota and experienced Thern’s culture as a family-owned company. After visiting, he decided he wanted to help Thern continue to expand and succeed.

An aspect of Thern that Sam appreciates is the company’s continued growth and open culture that allows input from all employees on any project or task. Thern is a workplace that gathers individuals’ strengths and where people come together with one common goal. Teamwork is extremely important to Sam. He is glad Thern creates an atmosphere where employees can find common ground and work together to achieve great goals.

Having settled down in Winona, Sam enjoys spending time during the summer on the Mississippi river in his boat. He also takes advantage of the trails just outside his backyard, often taking hikes to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of the area.

Sam is an incredibly valuable addition to the Thern team. Thern is thankful for all the years of dedication and talent he has given to the company.  Sam has been an integral part of the company continuing to improve – taking us to new heights and taking on new tasks. Thanks to Sam and the great people like Sam on the Thern team, Thern has continued to evolve, grow, and prosper. Thank you for all you do, Sam!