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Meet the Thern Team – Parker Sandhurst

Meet Parker!

Parker Sandhurst joined Thern’s team earlier this month and has been on the go learning and working since he arrived. He has taken over Thern’s position as Senior Marketing Coordinator and is no stranger to the world of marketing. Prior to this opportunity at Thern, he served as the Communications Coordinator for a southern Minnesota School District. There, he handled social media, press releases, media relations, and all branding and marketing content creation for a school district of over 3,400 students.

In the initial stages of his job search, Parker continually heard about the incredible reputation for reliable, trusted products at Thern. He finds it exciting that there is massive potential to help customers find the best solution for their specific needs because of the wide variety of products. Parker states “Being certain that I can stand behind the quality of all Thern products makes the job even more enjoyable”. With the different industries Thern serves, Parker will continue to broaden his horizons and learn about different products every day.

So far, Thern is everything Parker had hoped for and expected. He claims, “The community Thern has built with its employees is incredible. I have felt welcome and supported through every step of my ongoing journey with Thern!” When he isn’t in the office you can find Parker taking in all that nature has to offer. Kayaking, biking, and hiking are some of his favorite activities and Winona provides a great spot for all 3! If the weather isn’t cooperating, he finds hobbies that really allow him to relax. Board games, books, and music all provide great opportunities for him to unwind.

We are excited for our recent addition to the Thern team and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Parker and Thern!