Meet Pam!

Pam Obieglo, a Planner/Scheduler for Thern, has been part of the team for five years. Five years that have flown by, according to her. Pam had spent twenty-seven years at her previous employer and decided to take a chance on Thern and start over. A decision that she truly believes was meant to be.

Pam appreciates her time at Thern and truly enjoys coming to work every day. She loves the work atmosphere and the people she gets to work with. She takes great pride in working for a company who strives to be an industry leader in cranes and winches. Every day she is challenged, growing, and becoming more knowledgeable in her career here at Thern.

When Pam is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family. Pam has her hands full with seven grandchildren, a German Shepard named Gemma and her Golden Retriever named Kirby. Learning this, it makes perfect sense of why Pam enjoys the family atmosphere Thern offers.

Thank you for all of your hard work Pam. We are glad to have you on our Team.