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Meet The Thern Team – Mike Guenther

Meet Mike Guenther, Thern’s Inside Sales Supervisor! Mike has been with Thern since 2009, working in Technician Sales until his promotion in March, 2018. Mike told us one of his favorite things about Thern is the genuine family atmosphere, like how special it is to see employees lead fundraising efforts for an employee who is going through a health issue or difficult time. He believes that speaks volumes about the character and sincerity of our employees. He also enjoys how every individual can make such an impact on our business and bottom line. He said, “It can be stressful at times being such a lean organization in terms of staff, but each employee plays a critical role in securing orders and shipping product on time. There is a significant sense of pride in our work.”

One of Mike’s favorite memories here at Thern happened during his second week of work, he was working in hand winch assembly one morning as part of his training for Technical Sales. He was struggling to install a pressure plate on a 4WM2 hand winch and a shop worker who didn’t know him noticed his struggles and came over to help him…while they were on their morning break! He exclaimed, “That said a lot about the company I had just joined.” To Mike, Thern means opportunities to employees and customers alike. For customers, we are able to offer custom solutions to problems where a solution is not available “off a shelf.” For employees, Mike believes Thern stresses improvement and growth while trusting employee feedback for product ideas and processes.

In Mike’s free time he enjoys time with family and friends, coaching his sons’ sports teams, and playing basketball and golf. Mike’s favorite piece of advice he’s ever been given is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Mike, thank you for taking a shot with Thern! We appreciate you and all your hard work!