Meet the Thern Team – Kelly Michaels

Introducing Kelly Michaels!

Thern would love to introduce Kelly Michaels, a Spur Gear Winch Assembler. Kelly has been a big part of Thern for 29 years and Thern celebrates him as he is retiring at the end of January. This is a tribute to Kelly as Thern appreciates everything that he has done over the years. His duties include finding parts and assembling Spur Gear Winches. His dedication and loyalty to the company will be missed!

When asking Kelly about the reason he came to Thern, he heard it was a low-stress work environment. That stayed true for the three decades since Kelly has been here. He states the growth potential was exciting for him during his time here and the time after he retires. Kelly notes, “I’ll be retiring soon and hope the future bodes well for this company.” Kelly put so much into this company, and he believes applying 29 years ago was the best decision for him. Thern being a family-owned company, Kelly felt that the ownership team takes care of all employees the correct way. The company treated Kelly like family, and he is grateful for the experience he had.

Something interesting about Kelly is he had three open heart surgeries and is still here to talk about it. The resilience to overcome that takes an incredible man. That’s how his co-workers would describe Kelly Michaels. His favorite activity in Winona is driving and taking the bridge that connects Winona and Wisconsin.

Kelly Michaels was solid throughout all 29 years at Thern. We are grateful for the work he’s done and will miss him during his years of retirement. We congratulate him on his accomplishments and are so happy we had the honor to work with Kelly. Good luck, Kelly! We were lucky for your 29 years of service.