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Meet the Thern Team: Kathy Barnholtz

Kathy Barnholtz

Thern Introduces: Kathy Barnholtz

Thern would like to introduce Kathy Barnholtz! Kathy has been a part of the company as an Accounting Clerk for over a year. She does exceptional work in the accounting department and is always willing to help out anyone who she encounters. Her kindness and incredible work ethic make her a valuable addition to the Thern family.

Kathy Barnholtz

Before working at Thern, Kathy had friends who were already employed by the company. When a position at Thern became available, her friends recommended that she apply for the job. Kathy had only heard wonderful remarks about the company and can now confirm what her friends were saying is true.

Having worked at Thern for over a year, Kathy says there are several qualities about the company that she enjoys. For example, she appreciates that management coordinates with their employees, listens for new ideas, and promotes an atmosphere of encouragement. She says that, “the Thern team is united as one, and everyone is just as important as the next person.” Kathy also enjoys the multitude of opportunities of Thern and the options for career development and growth.

Joy Dahl, who works with Kathy in Accounts Receivable, says that Kathy “has been a great addition to the Thern finance team. Her knowledge and commitment to excellence has helped prepare the department for future growth.”

When Kathy’s not working, she likes to spend time on the beautiful Mississippi River here in Winona, Minnesota area. She also enjoys taking advantage of long summer days and watching her family play softball.

Kathy is an incredible asset to the company. Her willingness to be a team player, her ambition to grow as a professional, and her drive to make the company better are all attributes that Thern acknowledges and appreciates. Thank you for all the hard work, Kathy!