United States

Meet Jorge!

Jorge Rueda is an Industrial Market Manager for Thern in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. He describes the focus of his work as educating customers, distributors, and end-users on the benefits of Thern equipment. Jorge finds it important to emphasize that Thern, as an organization is flexible and capable of designing tailor-made engineered applications that will satisfy the needs of diverse users and industries. He credits the outstanding manufacturing process within the company for the capability to achieve this. Jorge started working at Thern in April of 2019. Since working here has learned about the products, standards in the industry, and operations of the company. Most importantly, he has learned to understand what it takes to proudly put the brand, Thern, on a piece of equipment.

Jorge enjoys working at Thern because of the variety each day brings. Through his role, Jorge visits multiple industries and application sites, each one presenting its own particularities and challenges. Because of this, Jorge expands his knowledge of industry and manufacturing standards at every project. He chose to work at Thern because of the way the company treats its employees. Jorge found that Thern cared just as much about his passions and motivations as they did their own.

When Jorge is not working, he finds it important to take time to unwind and disconnect from a busy world filled with technology. Jorge enjoys caring for his farm, taking care of the farm animals, or simply riding a horse through a few trails. He finds it peaceful to connect with the nature around him. Jorge also enjoys spending time at the beach where he can relax and kick back to some good tunes. One quote that Jorge always keeps in the back of his mind is “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Thank you, Jorge, for how you bring your passion for learning to Thern. We appreciate your hard work this past year, we are looking forward to the next. We are lucky to have you on our team.