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Meet the Thern Team – James Blagborne

Meet James!

James Blagborne has worked as a Quality Manager at Thern for the past two and a half years. Earlier in his career, James had worked for very large corporations. He decided to make the change to a smaller company so that he could feel he had a greater impact where he worked. Thern stood out to James in the job search due to the values and beliefs of the organization. He found Thern is a team that cares for each other and is motivated to succeed together. With Thern, he discovered the workspace he was looking for.

As Thern keeps growing and evolving, the company’s future is becoming ever more exciting, particularly for employees like James. Looking forward to the future of the company James can see that Thern supports continuous improvement, laying a foundation for sustainable growth.

James is passionate about promoting sustainability and protecting our environment. He was motivated by this passion to obtain a Master’s degree in Green Business. James’ expertise in this area helps Thern expand in our core value of, doing the right thing. James ‘ enthusiasm for the environment and earth-care is a vital part of his success as a Boy Scout Troop 6 Scoutmaster in Winona. Both of James’ sons are in Boy Scouts, as a family, they enjoy canoeing, fishing, hiking, survival camp, rappelling, trapshooting and participating in many other outdoor activities. When he is not exploring the wild, James enjoys traveling for new food experiences and listening to live music with his wife.

Thank you, James, for bringing your love of our planet to Thern and for guiding us in a sustainable direction.