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Meet Gloria!

Gloria joined the Thern family in November 2018 and has been a driving force in the company ever since. She is currently the senior marketing coordinator and enjoys working at Thern because of the creative freedom given. No matter your positioning within the company, leadership makes a point to let you know your voice is heard and your ideas and suggestions are taken seriously. Being in marketing Gloria is able to see her work come to life, through literature, websites, marketing tools and more. Her favorite thing about the culture at Thern is the employee’s willingness to help one another to get the best end result. Whether it be going to Engineering to ask about specific technical information or out to the floor to see how something is built, everyone is always very willing to take a few moments to answer any questions.

To Gloria, being a part of Thern is being part of an organization that allows her to use her interest and experience in marketing to make a difference. She has used this experience to help take Thern’s marketing to the next level. To Gloria, Thern means community, growth and innovation. She is a major bright spot in our community and we are so thankful to have her!

When Gloria is not at the office, you can find her planning her wedding, hanging out with her adorable baby niece or finding some home improvement project to work on around the house.

Thank you Gloria for bringing your light to our office everyday we have appreciated every moment of it!