United States

Beau gets it, wants it, and certainly gets things done at Thern.

A key member of the Thern team for six and a half years, Beau is the Product Manager for Heavy Power and Pneumatic Winches. He has played a key role in the rapid growth and evolution of Thern’s products and customer-based solutions and treasures how Thern helps each employee grow and develop. Beau explains that at Thern it is beneficial for employees to see the continued growth of the company and know they are a huge part of the process. He believes that Thern’s products stand out as exceptional when compared to our competitors and he takes pride in the dependability and robustness of our solutions. As a part of the engineering team, Beau enjoys having the opportunity to be involved in the development process and as a product manager, he is included in idea generation, prototype generation, and field installation visits.

Outside of work, Beau just got married this past year and couldn’t be happier! He and his wife love to travel and spend quality time together. A passion away from the office is “addiction” to motor vehicles and horsepower. What else would you expect from a Thern engineer?

Some sage advice Beau was given and would like to share with you is…”Believe that everything is possible, and you will be able to do anything.”

Thank you, Beau, for being an essential member at Thern for these past six and a half years!