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Meet the Thern Team – Andrew Gerson

Meet Andrew!

For the past twelve years Andrew Gerson has been a vital part of the Thern family. Andrew works as a Mechanical Designer, creating designs and technical drawings for our quality equipment while spending the remaining time working with engineers to create and improve current manufacturing systems. Prior to Thern, Andrew worked for a very large company. Although his coworkers were kind, he felt that to management, he was just another number. In a search for a new work environment Andrew looked for a smaller, family owned company. He felt that Thern exemplified positive core values and treated every employee with importance and value.

Andrew is excited to go in to work everyday because of the people around him. He believes that every employee intends to work hard to move the company in a positive direction. Even if an idea does not go as planned or takes longer than expected the drive to improve remains. The number of custom orders obtained was another exciting but unexpected thing Andrew found in his initial days at Thern. With an in-house engineering team, Thern can find creative solutions for any project. Many times, this means creating a custom solution that works for the customers specific situation.

When Andrew is not in the office, he enjoys spending his time outside and on the water. He appreciates a range of activities from spending a day relaxing on the river to participating in gnarly water sports. Thank you, Andrew for all your hard work over the years. You are an important part of the Thern family bringing so much value to our team!