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Thern Makes Critical Improvements to Popular Davit Crane Series

A world-leader in davit cranes for the water/wastewater industry, Thern, Inc. continuously improves their products to remain an ideal choice for engineers and consultants. Most recently, the company has made some improvements to their most popular crane — the Commander Series.

A new quick-mount winch bracket has become a popular improvement to the series. The bracket allows easy, “no-tools” installation of the winch on the boom — a feature that’s especially handy when mounting heavier power winches.Com1000-bracket-bearing

A new roller/ball bearing option is also now available, which allows smooth and easy rotation of the crane even while under maximum load capacity.

If a flush-mount base or wall-mount base is preferred, a base extension can now be added to maintain the crane’s normal height for obstacle clearance or when an additional 15 inches of height may be needed.

The crane’s rotation handle has been relocated on the mast so it doesn’t interfere with the ratchet jack operation when making boom height adjustments.

Thern has also introduced two new crane models — the Ensign 500 and Ensign 1000 — which are specifically designed for the water/wastewater industry. With 500- and 1200-lb capacities and hook heights of 8 and 12 feet above floor, these cranes are ideal for lifting larger mixers or pumps over obstacles, such as hand rails, commonly found at wastewater facilities.

To enhance their vast line of lifting davits, Thern exclusively offers the Reid Gantry Crane line including the Personnel-Rated Rapide which has been featured in the OPS safety challenge at WEFTEC the past four years. To learn more about Thern’s complete line of products for the water/wastewater industry, visit our water/wastewater davit cranes page.