Increase in Demand Expected for Winches & Cranes in 2019

Portable Winches at Thern

Thern Long Lift Silo Cranes

We’re 70-years into our journey here at Thern, and our driving force is still pretty simple: we’re a family-owned winch and crane manufacturer based in the Midwest, a place where hard work, honesty, and common sense continue to be core values. We think it’s that sensibility that’s helped us provide amazing solutions to big projects all over the world. We built the winch that lowers the Times Square ball every New Year’s Eve, and we built 54 custom roll drop winches that are installed at the bottom of the upper deck and circle the field at BC Place stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia…just to name a few!

We’re proud of the work we’ve done in our long history, but we’re also always looking for ways we can improve and better serve our customers. With that in mind, we hired an experienced research team to conduct a blind market study into what is important to our customers—and how we are performing as it relates to those capabilities against our competition.

The study connected with over 4,000 decision makers in the industry and perhaps the biggest takeaway is that 41.4% of respondents indicated their demand for winches and davit cranes would increase in the near future. Decision makers in the water/wastewater and industrial segments will need to be sure that their current suppliers can meet future demands. At Thern, we are enhancing infrastructure to support this demand by working with new technologies to better serve our customers.

According to the study, product quality and reliability are the two most important factors for decision makers when choosing a supplier, and Thern outranks all other competitors in these two categories. Knowledge, expertise, delivery/turnaround time also ranked “very important”. Thern ranked highest across the board.

At Thern we’ve established ourselves as the market leader in both the industrial and water/wastewater segments. We’re proud of that, and we’re proud of our reputation of maintaining our standards in product quality. Over 60 percent of Thern’s primary customers have had a relationship with Thern for over five years. That demonstrates customer loyalty, and we hope it reflects how much we value our customer relationships.

Thern would like to extend a huge “thank you” to all who participated in this research study, and we want you to know we have found the results of the study invaluable. We’re excited about expanding our innovation across the board and plan on making turnkey solutions and on-site engineering solutions a priority as we head into the new year.

Stay tuned for an in-depth breakdown of the full research study findings in the whitepaper.