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First Mate Davit Cranes at Thern

It’s Portable – It’s Affordable – It’s Powerful!

This hard-working crane – Makes your work, easy!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Thern introduces some great improvements to their popular First Mate series davit crane. The new First Mate davit crane is simple perfection – Simple set up, easy to use, easy to transport, easy on your budget and can easily lift up to 850 lbs. – A 350 lb improvement over the previous model.

The new crane can be configured with a spur gear or worm gear hand winch for short, less frequent lifts or with a power winch for longer, more frequent lifts. Normally lifting loads up to 79 feet below floor level, the First Mate can now be configured for long lifts of up to 285 feet for use on silos, towers, bridges, mezzanines, roof tops and more.

Pedestal, wall and flush mount bases are easily installed with just four anchor bolts – Allowing installation on floor slabs, trucks, boats, docks or other solid surfaces. Install multiple bases and the crane is even more economical, as it quickly folds down and then is easily moved from station to station. Or, mount the crane on the wheel base and roll the crane to your task.

Additional features include: A quick mount winch bracket. After the winch is attached to the bracket, the winch and bracket are easily attached or removed from the crane with one, quick-release clevis style pin.

A bushing has been added to the bottom of the mast which provides smooth and easy 360 degree crane rotation while under load.

A rotational lock is also available, as well as a base extension for an additional 15” of height if needed.

The First Mate crane series comes standard with a red powder coat finish and is also available in galvanized, epoxy, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel finishes for ultimate protection in harsh environments.