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Christmas Contest Results at Thern

Every year, Thern holds an internal Christmas centerpiece contest. A new theme is chosen each year and teams are assigned – making sure their is a good mix of employees from different departments on each team. This year the challenge was to create a centerpiece that showcases a market that Thern products are used in: Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining, Bulk Handling, Water/Wastewater, Construction, Defense/Government, Entertainment, Theater, Aerospace, Manufacturing, MRO, OEM and Utilities. And of course there are rules: Center piece must be made of 75% scrap material and 25% purchased or brought in. Display can be lighted/unlighted, mobile/stationary, no larger than 2’x2’x2′ and can not weigh over 50 lbs and must be completed in just two weeks. All centerpieces are displayed in Thern’s front lobby and employees then vote for the one they like best. This year the winner was Team C with an oil and gas village. It was a very well done centerpiece with lights and an oil pump moving up and down. The second place winner was Team B with a Thern winter village including lights, streets and Thern cranes on silos, wastewater facility, utility truck as well as a winch pulling a rail car. Every year it is amazing to see the creativity, quality and talent that goes into each display.

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