Solutions By Thern: Boat-iful

Thern helps avid kayaker save time and energy lifting a two-man kayak out of the water.

The Customer:

When an avid kayaker named Eric looked into purchasing a new Hobie two-man kayak/sail, the last thing on his mind was where he would store it. He just couldn’t wait to get it out on the water!

The Challenge:

Realizing that to keep his beautiful new craft in pristine condition, he would need to keep it out of the salty water…his problem was that he wasn’t sure he could take it apart piece by piece every time to keep it safe without wasting a huge amount of time.

Thern Solution:

When Eric started looking into other options, Hanes Supply suggested that a Thern davit crane could be placed on the dock to lift the kayak out of the water easily and effectively. Taking their advice, Eric purchased a Thern stainless steel First Mate davit crane to mount to his dock. Using the davit crane, he can now effortlessly pull his kayak out of the water for safekeeping until the next time he’s back on the water.

If you have a problem without a solution, contact Thern today and leave the heavy lifting to us.