United States

Meet Alex Servais!

Alex has been with Thern since December 2015, or 3 years and 5 months…but who’s counting? Alex is a Product Manager and Applications Engineer specializing in Hand Winches and Small Power Winches.

One of the things Alex loves most is the attention to detail here at Thern, as he believes that in engineering detail is everything. His favorite thing about Thern is that everyone has a passion for their job and truly does everything they can to help the customer, whether it is an end user or an internal customer at Thern. Alex told us there are also a lot of opportunities at Thern for growth and learning, which means the day-to-day is always exciting and new; there is always more to learn. To Alex, Thern means teamwork, quality, and dedication. Seeing the Thern name on a product means it has been developed by a very talented engineering team with a lot of experience. It means that you are getting more than 70 years of experience, with a new twist on what to expect out of your lifting and moving equipment in a world quickly growing smaller and smarter.

When Alex isn’t helping Thern create the next most innovative lifting or pulling product you will find him either playing softball, volleyball, or traveling with his fiancé, who he is marrying in September of 2019.

Thank you, Alex for all your hard work here at Thern and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!